Wooden Toys Adored by Kids and Parents

There are many wooden puzzles on the market, but only a few of them are made do be lasting and outstanding. 

Quokka wooden toys are made of exclusively natural in-class materials. 
We use modern equipment & techniques to make the best wooden puzzles for kids at affordable prices. 

What makes Quokka different?

  • Wood. We use European FSC compliant wood that meets Toys Safety Standards for the US & EU. Every puzzle we produce is manually polished and examined before packaging.
  • Paints. Our images are water-resistant and printed directly on the wood, meaning the picture will never come off or scratch during the play. The US GREENGUARD Children & Schools Certification for substances and ingredients.
  • Designs. We want to provide additional value at every stage of the production. Designs are not exclusion. All our images are unique, the same as the cutting lines of the puzzles. No repetitions at any puzzle we make. Only exclusive toys for kids with the Quokka brand.
  • Educational Insights. We reinvent old school kids' toys and make a new format of classic wooden puzzles. The ones that inspire and excite modern kids! Every wooden toy for kids must give more than a game. It must provide extra education and deeper learning. Words, images, shapes are designed in a way to promote eye-hand coordination, logical thinking. language & fine motor skills, cognitive development, attention, and dexterity of your kids.

We treasure the time your kids spend with Quokka wooden toys. Our goal to make this learning experience an exciting journey with a touch of magic!

Want to see Quokka Crush Test? Click below to watch our experiments with wooden puzzles.



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