How to Teach Your Child About the World and Space

There are many important things that children are taught as they grow. When children are young, they develop their understanding of the world by noticing everything around them, including places and all the things within them, like trees in the natural environment and roads and traffic in the built environment.

In order to find out about different places, it's essential for children to discover things close to their homes, and they often begin to notice these things when traveling to and from school. Later they learn more about the places they are visiting through the journey to and from school.

This aspect of social and emotional development is developed not only through having conversations with adults and other children about the things they observe but also through toys.


The Best Time to Discover the World and Space 

Imagination is the most important tool in a child's education because it is the key to understanding everything about the world. Children's imaginations are bigger than anyone else's, and nothing sparks their imaginations more than the world, and space.

Basically, the best time to start learn about space and earth together with kids is at age of 5 years. At preschool age, it's interesting and essential to learn about other countries, different cultures around the world, oceans, and planets, because a child's brain is well-developed to absorb and understand the information completely. 

At age of 5 children are curious, specifically about:

  • Understanding Seasonality 
  • Learning Different Cultures
  • Learning Meaning of Space, and What Is In The Space
  • Understanding why different animals can live only in special environments
  • Knowing Planets
  • Learning facts about the Moon, Sun, facts about the Space and Earth at all
  • Understanding how everything moves in space and what orbits are

So, given the peculiarities of children's age, it is very important to make the learning process simple and effective. Preschool children perfectly absorb the information presented in the form of a game, a fairy tale, or a poem. Today parents are offered a large number of thematic materials and ways to discover the world together with their children.


Try these fun ways to introduce your child to space.

1. Wall posters 

Around the world, 65% of people, particularly small children, learn visually. The big size of a poster will let your child process visual information much faster. Wall posters are therefore a useful tool for grabbing and holding young children's attention. Also, a wallchart gives knowledge in a funny and curious form, which does not make it a boring educational process. Wall posters will encourage kids to explore the Solar System, constellations, counties, oceans, and animals.

2. Interactive maps

That`s definitely a treasure because it can effectively improve toddlers’ ability to speak and spell. Through interactive games, children not only enjoy happiness and learn knowledge, but also cultivate their independent learning abilities.

3. Board games

It's a great opportunity to spend quality time together with family members, where kids and adults can learn something new about our world. Great building of communication skills playing with kid's friends. Just get together and enjoy each other's company by playing educational games.

4. Cards  

Easy to learn, simple to play! An interesting method to satisfy your child's curiosity. Children's flashcard learning is very well-liked as a fun way to introduce them to new words, pictures, or topics. Flashcards have the advantage of making it simple to maximize the benefits of repetition and help students develop crucial memorization abilities. Typically, the conventional format consists of two sides, one of which poses a query and the other of which presents a response. Flash cards are quite small which makes them comfy and handy, and another advantage is that you can find different levels of difficulty and spend as much time as your kid wishes.

5. Puzzles

You can find puzzles of any taste: wooden, paper, or magnetic. Any pictures and designs! Young minds are challenged by puzzles, which are fun educational toy that teaches and helps develop so many important skills, like eye and hand coordination, problem-solving, cognitive skills, memory skills, fine motor skills, visual-spatial reasoning, vocabulary, and numerous else.


Discover your kid's talent with new educational toys together with QUOKKA 

We believe that every child has a talent & our toys will discover it!

•            Wallcharts

•            Board Games

•            Paper puzzles

•            Wooden puzzles



  • Map posters by QUOKKA have unique designs with bright colors. Your kids will love interesting images and funny children's songs. 
  • Our learning toys are made of totally safe first-rate materials. Interactive talking maps of the United States and the world for kids save your space, all you need is just easily hang this poster on a wall or door.
  • Our educational toys for kids 5-7 have 6 modes for Continents & Oceans, Flora & Fauna learning. With our chart, you get over 80 games and test questions. 
  • Our geography games will perfectly match children's birthdays, holidays, or other occasions. 

Board Games

  • In this race, you have a chance to check your luck & basic knowledge of the world. Board game size 47"x 28" with 100 educational question cards. Move your pawn through the world map while overcoming obstacles with correct answers.
  • You'll develop strategic thinking and social skills while playing the World Race Game. But more important you expand your knowledge of oceans, continents, their animals, volcanoes, historical & cultural sightseeing and much more.
  • Large companies & big families were waiting for the game like this! Works great as an educational toy for 2 and even 8 players. The more participants the longer you play, the more exciting becomes this kids & adult cards game.

Paper puzzles


  • Boys and girls fun and exciting puzzles for ages 5+ and up to help your children learn about oceans, continents, their animals, different nationalities, and costumes from all around the world.
  • High-quality thick cardboard puzzles with irregular shapes will be fun learning puzzles for kids ages 5-8. The storage boxes show finished puzzle artwork to follow. Try our observational sudoku 60-piece puzzles for kids by QUOKKA.

Wooden puzzles


  • Our big floor puzzles for kids ages 4-8 help children learn about all countries, flags, continents, oceans, animals, sightseeing, waterfalls, and mountains. Every puzzle piece is unique
  • The right activities for kids help to develop problem-solving skills, persistence & logical thinking. Space puzzles with rockers and planets together with a world map will be great gifts for boys and girls
  • Freshly developed QUOKKA floor puzzles offer a great time for kids, moms, dads, grannies, and friends to spend together. Learn geography and space with jigsaw puzzles. Modern puzzle gift for boys and girls




In conclusion, the best time to learn about the world and space is now. Today, there are many fun and interesting ways to learn about space, and QUOKKA helps you discover your kid's talent with new educational toys. You can teach your kids about the universe and space in a fun and easy way. You can even help your kids to become scientists, astronauts, or explorers.


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