Top Parenting Trends in 2022, What to Expect in 2023

New generations of parents are becoming more independent and creative, resulting in new parenting types and new learning hacks. There are many examples of parenting styles but new types are redefining the traditional parenting experience. There is no way to prepare yourself 100% right to be a parent in 2023, but there are some strategies you can follow to adapt and change your parenting style so that you're better prepared for the years ahead.

Here are the top trends in parenting, that will be popular in 2023. 

1. Montessori Technique for Studying - Gentle and flexible Parenting

Montessori education is a natural approach to teaching children and is based on the vision that children learn best when they are engaged in their own activities. It also emphasizes the importance of hands-on experiences and learning through active exploration.

It includes the main principles:

  • The self-educating concept is the concept that children are capable of educating themselves. It doesn’t matter what age you are, if you have the ability, drive, and desire to learn, then you can educate yourself. Also, it allows them to correct and improve their work, they develop a sense of responsibility and self-control, which ultimately leads to greater success.

  • Right encouraging environment. The learning environment should always be child-centered. It should enable children to be creative and have fun, while exploring materials of their choice.
  • Respect. You shouldn`t interrupt children’s concentration when they’re playing a game. You should respect the child`s point of view and give them the freedom to make their own choices. Every teacher must be able to observe students and model respectful interactions and conflict resolution.

And from this follows the next parenting trend, which combines interaction between parents and teachers.

2. Parents and Teachers Working Together

Parents are seeking alternatives to traditional schools. They want their children to have more flexibility, more choices, and more freedom in their education. So the best solution to avoid “unschooling(however there are homeschool benefits too), is parent-teacher collaboration.

The two sides can work together to build a relationship and create an optimal learning environment both at home and at school. Additionally, they can commiserate about the student's strengths and weaknesses, develop a strategy to strengthen those weaknesses, and identify any circumstances that might be enhancing or impeding the student's learning.

3.  Parent Friendly to Technology and Social Media

Children’s attention spans are shorter than ever before. They may not be as interested in playing with toys or listening to stories, but they are extremely responsive to technology.

As technology is advancing, it has also made it easier for people to educate their children.

Children are using mobile devices, the internet, and social media exponentially as they get older. In fact, many adults are now raising their children online and using smartphones. In my day, parents were always trying to keep their children from watching tv, playing video games, and being on their phones for too long. For many reasons, the world has turned to the web as its main source of information. More schools are incorporating more technology into their curriculum than ever. They're encouraging online learning more than ever. However, there are many useful, kids-friendly applications for children to learn how to write, read and pronounce.

The culture of social media has also influenced children’s behavior and social attitudes, and parents and teachers need to understand how social media affects young people. Parents have to look for a different way to educate their children now that social media is unavoidable.

4. Healthy Lifestyle

Now everything promotes a healthy lifestyle. Advertisements, signboards, brands, everything "healthy", "eco", "green"...

Our relationship with food starts in early childhood. A child's preferences are impacted by society and their home environment when it comes to food. But eating habits start in the family. To make sure your kids are getting a good start in life, parents can create healthy habits from the ground up.

Of course, setting an example is the best way to encourage your kids to have a healthy lifestyle. They need a healthy diet, plenty of exercises, and a regular sleep schedule. If you want to influence your kids to start following a healthy lifestyle, then you need to show them by example what you’re about.


Regardless of what style of raising a child you choose, the main thing is respect, love, and a good example.
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