Safety & Certification

Children Development is our Mission

Every child has a talent and our mission is to help them discover it through fully ecological but supper modern wooden educational toys. We take this very seriously. With Quokka products we want to grow real learners. We treasure the time you trust your kids to play time with Quokka Toys. Our products comply with all U.S., E.U., and other international safety regulations. Here’s how we go above and beyond when it comes to testing and safety:


Big Family for Small Changes all the Time

We are all parents. Every time we make a new product for a kid, it passes numerous testing by our expert specialists, colleagues and our own kids. We understand that children have to enjoy playing with these same toys the same way we do. We are a big family that cares about the safety and hears recommendations from the oldest to the smallest participant.


Best Practices & Trends Implementation

We start with a carefully designed product that will be trendy for new generations of kids. We want children to choose Quokka Toys for the design and parents for the quality. Every product needs to speak for itself and has a clear educational side. We have strict manufacturing instructions for our factory. All of us go the extra step of auditing, inspecting, and testing at various phases of the production process.


We Resort to Independent Agencies for Test & New Insights

We regularly test our paints, wood, coatings, packagings & other assembly elements, to be sure our toys meet all government requirements for Toy Safety Products for kids. All of our results have been verified by 3rd-party, independently accredited testing laboratories, considered by many to be the best scientific laboratories in the world.


To find both U.S. and E.U. conformity certificates for our products, please go here: Conformity Certificates


We welcome you to try & enjoy our toys being confident that every item we design & craft, we make not only for your kids but for ours too.

Warm wishes, Adducate Team.