10 Fun Games to Play in Car

When a family goes on a long road trip, it's an excellent opportunity for bonding, storytelling, and making memories before the vacation begins. But when you’re on the road with your kids, you want to make sure they’re occupied and happy for hours. The biggest concern of parents of young kids may have on road trips is how to keep their little ones entertained on long drives. Vacations often become a nightmare without the right games to keep your kids engaged! On-the-road games are not only entertaining, but they help you work on your decision-making and planning skills, which you'll need when you return home from a vacation.

You can always break out the iPad, but let’s be honest – periodically those aren’t enough to maintain the family’s sanity for a several-hour trip. While you could use your iPad to pass the time, there are actually ways to make driving more relaxing and enjoyable than just watching movies or videos. There are a lot of great car games to play that will get everyone laughing and having fun. Sometimes the best car games for kids are old-fashioned like the Memory Game or any version of an alphabet game.

I want to share what we’ve learned about how to create a fun and safe trip for all family members. Check out these Top 10 Fun Car Games, which will make a trip easier and more enjoyable. These fun interactive games for play are great for reducing boredom, fighting, quarreling, and screen time.

10 Fun Games to Play in Car for the Whole Family

1. Alphabet Game

Find all 26 letters of the alphabet by scanning the advertisements, signs, and everything outside your window. To locate them in alphabet order is the difficult part!

Alternately, the first player selects a category and names an item that falls under it that begins with the letter A. The following person responds with anything that is still in the category that starts with B and keeps playing until someone is baffled.

2. The Counting Game

This car game aims to count collectively. While it seems simple enough, the rules of this game make it more difficult.

  1. The first player starts off the game by beginning with number one.
  2. The next player must multiply or add numbers (you set up it at the beginning, for example, add 2 for every next number) and say the resulting number.
  3. The next player should do the same action as the previous one and say the resulting number.

This game is an excellent way for kids to sharpen their counting skills and for adults to keep agile! Everyone will be kept awake and intrigued by the game!

3. 21 Questions Games

Someone thinks of something, and another person must guess what the person is thinking about by asking 21 questions.

To complicate the game, you can answer the questions with yes or no.

4. Word Association

A popular word game called "word association" involves exchanging words that have similar meanings.  It is easy to set up and play.

  1. Someone came up with a random word.
  2. The chosen word is followed by a word that the first speaker associates with it.
  3. The next person then associates a word with the first person`s word.

The list goes on and on, e.g., ocean, blue, green, flower, spring, bird, etc. If someone can't think of a word, repeats a word, or is too slow to answer, they are out of the game. 

5. Would you rather?

Ask someone to choose from two options, for instance, would you rather have the ability to see the future or the ability to read minds? A funny and interesting game that develops imagination and lets you know more about yourself.

You can find more ideas here.

6. The Singing Game

You should start singing the song and suddenly stop, the next person has to continue the same song lyrics correctly.

If it`s too easy for you, try this way:

  1. You should start singing song lyrics. 
  2. The next person has to connect it with another song.

It continues until somebody messes up or couldn`t remember the next song.

7. Magnetic Road Trip Games

When traveling in a car, nothing is more annoying to kids or parents than when the game pieces are falling out every time.

Magnetic Road Trip games including puzzles, puzzle boards, and mazes are a great way to keep children busy, and the game pieces remain in place with magnets.

Check out some offers here.

8. Printable Activities 

When you want to be in silence just grab some printables, they will cure your kids’ boredom during long road trip drives by keeping them entertained and having fun for hours.

Here you can find 8 Free Printable Road Trip Games for Kids.

9. Fortunately/Unfortunately Game

One person starts by saying "Fortunately" and tells about something fortunate, and the next person has to follow by saying something unfortunate about the previous situation.

You lose if you couldn`t find something unfortunate in the previous story.

10. Tic Tac Toe or Battleship

Old but Gold! These two games are loved by adults and kids all the time.

You all need 2 players, paper, and a pencil for Tic Tac Toe. Player 1 places an "X" on the grid, and Player 2 then writes an "O". Turns continue until one player has 3 of the same letter across, down, or diagonally.

Battleship is a war-themed board game for two players in which the opponents try to guess the location of their opponent's warships and sink them. Here you can find the rules of the game.


Using all our game ideas, your trip will be easy and fun for every family member.

QUOKKA can help you to find educational toys that color the everyday life of you and your child and make your trip pleasant. We believe that every child has a talent and all we can do is help them develop it.

Try all ideas and let us know in the comments what your and your kids` favorite ones are!

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