Easy Preschool Schedule and Routine

If you're considering homeschooling your preschooler, establishing a daily routine and schedule can help make your days more productive and less chaotic. Here's an easy preschool schedule and routine that you can adapt to fit your family's needs.

Morning Routine

Start your day with a consistent morning routine. This could include breakfast, brushing teeth, getting dressed, and any other morning rituals your family enjoys. Consider incorporating a daily morning meeting where you can review the day's schedule, do some singing or movement activities, or read a book together.

Learning Activities

Preschoolers thrive on routine and structure, so having a set time for learning activities each day can help them feel more secure and engaged. You can use a curriculum designed for homeschool preschoolers or create your own lesson plans based on your child's interests and developmental needs.

Some learning activities you might include in your daily routine are:

Physical Activity

It's important for preschoolers to get plenty of exercises and outdoor time each day. Depending on your family's schedule and preferences, you might set aside time for outdoor play, take a walk or bike ride, or do some yoga or movement activities indoors.

Quiet Time

Most preschoolers still need a nap or rest time during the day. You might use this time to read quietly together, do a quiet activity like coloring or playing with playdough, or simply rest and relax.

Snack Time

Preschoolers tend to get hungry frequently, so having a set snack time can help them feel more satisfied throughout the day. You might also use snack time as an opportunity to practice manners and social skills.

Free Play

Preschoolers need plenty of unstructured playtimes to develop their creativity and social skills. Set aside some time each day for your child to play independently or with siblings, either indoors or outdoors.

Bedtime Routine

Just as a consistent morning routine can help set the tone for the day, a consistent bedtime routine can help your child wind down and prepare for sleep. Your bedtime routine might include bath time, storytime, and a lullaby or other calming ritual.

When planning your homeschool preschool schedule, be sure to allow plenty of flexibility and room for spontaneity. Remember that preschoolers learn best through play and exploration, so don't be afraid to deviate from the schedule when your child is particularly engaged in a certain activity or topic.

Schedule Toddler Toys 

When looking for toddler learning toys to incorporate into your homeschool preschool schedule, consider toys that encourage learning, creativity, and physical activity. Some popular options include building blocks, puzzles for kids, art supplies, play kitchens for playing at home, and outdoor toys like balls and bikes.

Toys that can be used in multiple ways and encourage open-ended play are often the most versatile and engaging for preschoolers. Look for the perfect toy that can be used in a variety of settings, such as at home or on the go, to maximize its usefulness.

Looking for a fun and effective way to motivate your kids to do their chores and develop good habits? Look no further than the Magnetic Reward Chore Chart for Kids from QUOKKA!

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The Reward Chore Chart for Kids is a great tool to teach children about responsibility, accountability, and the value of hard work. By incentivizing good behavior and positive habits, you can help your child develop the skills and mindset they need to succeed in school and in life.


In conclusion, establishing a consistent schedule and routine can help your homeschool preschool days run smoothly and make learning fun for your child. By incorporating learning activities, physical activity, free play, and rest time into your schedule, you can create a balanced and enjoyable day for your family. Don't forget to consider incorporating toddler toys that encourage learning and play into your routine and have fun exploring new topics and activities with your preschooler!

QUOKKA can help you to find educational toys that color the everyday life of you and your child. We believe that every child has a talent and all we can do is to help them develop it.

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