When Can Babies Do Puzzles

A very widespread question "When can babies do puzzles?"

Really what is the appropriate age for the young explorer to start improving eye-hand coordination, motor skills, and logic? One would say the sooner the better. It is true. But we also need to bear in mind the fact of security and common sense. One cannot expect a small child to be consciously playing with small elements or combining difficult shapes without just putting them into the mouse to getting bored in a sec. 
Everything needs to have its time and purpose. 

Let's start with age. Puzzles are the educational toys that will work for toddlers 12 months and up. The simpler the puzzle the better. Try to play with a one-piece puzzle with your kids. The one that has a single shape element that needs to be placed in a special field on the board. After your toddler understands the riles of this matching game - experiment with new themes or go to the next level - 2 pieces or 4 pieces puzzles for kids. Wooden blocks with pictures will work well. But make sure the blocks do not need to be gathered in difficult images combinations. Four pieces block puzzles are more than enough for the first learning experience at the age of 18 months and up.

Materials. At early age toddlers and babies grasp and throw everything around them with great power. :) It would be wise to start with durable wooden puzzles. They have a pleasant smell, sturdy structure. At the same time, they are easy to lift and hold. The only thing you need to check is whether all the angels of the puzzles are rounded enough, whether the edges are not sharp, and the wood is well polished for toddler's fingers. 

Shapes. As we mentioned before toddlers and babies do not understand difficult structures. If you start with an inappropriate puzzle to the age, your kid will get bored within seconds. Use simple shapes with smooth edges and well-recognized images. 

Certification. There are many wooden toys on the market, but not all of them comforts International Toy Safety Standards. Before making the purchase find out about the certification of the products. Wooden toy quality must be certified by third parties. If you do not find certificates on the site of the seller, be sure to request them. 

Kids and toddlers feel drawn to puzzles of various types as they stimulate their brain activity and provide pleasant playtime. Doing puzzles makes kids feel their grows having done small accomplishments.


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