Where Are Puzzles in Walmart

Many puzzle lovers are looking for new ways of getting their favorite wooden toys. Especially it became obvious during Coronavirus when then the delivery services of Amazon were overloaded and you had to wait for the desired wooden puzzles for more than a week. (in best case scenario)

When Etsy and eBay sellers failed to assure customers about timely delivery, many of us started to look for alternatives, preferably the reliable ones. Here came brick and mortal Walmart with its new online shopping platforms. During that difficult time, this old sales lion not only shipped every item from its warehouse like clockwork but also contracted new factories and brands to expand its online presence. 

One of the rising stars of Walmart Toy Category became TM Quokka. During a short period of time, its top-selling puzzles became bestseller puzzles for toddlers and kids in the United States. 

Manually polished wood, bright educational designs, unique cutting lines, and scratch-resistant designs won the hearts of young puzzle lovers and real experts of this kind of leisure activity. Now Quokka Wooden Toys showcase only 1/3 of its present portfolio. The company's goal is to win the category and become the best selling puzzle for kids and adults with Walmart Online store. 

So now when someone asks you where are puzzles in Walmart, you can firmly say that the top puzzles are at Quokka Store.


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